Stalin is Out, New Music Video!

Music video for the song S.T.A.L.I.N, performed by Firelake, a metal band from Kiev, famous for participation in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl soundtrack. The track features lead designer of Stalin vs. Martians on vocals.

Stalin vs. Martians Soundtrack: My Little Airport

My Little Airport is a Hong Kong-based indie pop band, founded by songwriter Ah P and vocalist Nicole. Since 2004, they have released 3 albums. Voted as the twee-est band on the website in 2007.


We also would like to introduce one of their videos. Unfortunately, it is not included in the game. But it’s cute.

Stalin vs. Martians Footage

Gameplay footage featuring “All Hail Stalinator” track by Ilya Orange and Space Detective. Free download available at the official website.

ANJ, Gorbachev, Zombies and Dancing Stalin

Your new favourite band ANJ is now a part of the soundtrack of Stalin vs. Martians. The game also features the legendary music video for the “Gorbachev” song.

We have received numerous emails asking about the music track featured in the now-famous “Dancing Stalin” trailer. So we would like to introduce you the man behind the original score of Stalin vs. Martians: Ilya Orange. The track from the trailer is available for free download at the Audio/Video section of SvM website.

Mezmer to Publish Stalin vs. Martians, First Trailer

Mezmer Games (a brand of Paradox Interactive) will publish Stalin vs. Martians for European and North American territories. It will be available through all of the main digital distribution services.
We’ve also released the SvM trailer and updated our glorious website.

Eugene Onegin: Anime-Styled Visual Novel

Dreamlore and Akella announce a new visual novel. This time it’s the anime-styled and absolutely wild rendition of Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin. Russian audience will cry tears of blood.
The game is set for the early Fall release. We suppose it will be a “USSR-only” title. So you folks probably will never play it, unless you know Russian and downloaded the game via your BitTorrent program. At least you can look at the pictures on the official website. The website is in Russian (and even in prereformed old orthography), but it still makes some sense if you’ve read Pushkin’s novel (Nabokov made a brilliant translation).