Stalin vs. Martians Soundtrack: More Tracks From Ilya Orange

Well, we think you already know Ilya Orange. Moscow-based electronic musician, the author of the original score of Stalin vs. Martians, including now-famous tunes from Dancing Stalin trailer and All Hail Stalinator (both available as a free download on the SvM official website). There goes a couple of tracks more!


Stalin vs. Martians Footage

Gameplay footage featuring “All Hail Stalinator” track by Ilya Orange and Space Detective. Free download available at the official website.

ANJ, Gorbachev, Zombies and Dancing Stalin

Your new favourite band ANJ is now a part of the soundtrack of Stalin vs. Martians. The game also features the legendary music video for the “Gorbachev” song.

We have received numerous emails asking about the music track featured in the now-famous “Dancing Stalin” trailer. So we would like to introduce you the man behind the original score of Stalin vs. Martians: Ilya Orange. The track from the trailer is available for free download at the Audio/Video section of SvM website.